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TYBO AB Tyranny Ladies Special Edition Red

TYBO AB Tyranny Ladies Special Edition Red

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Since taking office the current Premier of Alberta and his UCP Caucus have taking away any symbol of democratic process in the province, while #UCPCorruption has compensated himself, his members and their friends funded by the People of Alberta and the Federal Government.

And after all of the that, the Premier and his current government caucus presented and passed BILL 1 which provides them Carte Blanche to stop any type of peaceful public protest with the threat of fines and jail time.

We Albertans Cannot Allow this Tyranny to Continue

Join us and Turn Your Back on Alberta Tyranny


Design by GameChangers Canada

Created by BallerGear

Printed & Shipped in Canada

As we believe we are #betteroffwithrachel

$5 from every item sold is going to Alberta's NDP